A boutique family company based in Istanbul, Danytur is a trusted name with our partners both at home and abroad. Since 1990, Danytur Tourism & Travel has served as a respected Destination Management Company for thousands of happy guests in Turkey. We specialize in designing bespoke trips for anyone who is experiencing the country for the first time, or travelers who want to dive ever deeper into the wonders of Turkey!


Danytur is a member of TURSAB (Union of Turkish Travel Agencies – License #1911




Danytur Guide Meeting with Bruce Epstein

OUI FAM Trip for Alumni Travel Leaders

Sina Danyal & Mary Bai at ASTA Travel Exhibition

Our company was founded on a passion for meeting people from all over the world, and seeing them return home with a piece of that passion, as ambassadors for Turkey. Our founder Sina Danyal, a graduate of Marmara University English Language and Literature Faculty, developed a love for the travel business after working several years with the largest destination management and bus company in Turkey.

Alan Lewis, Guide Gülgün Ercüment, Harriet Lewis, Sina Danyal

Margaret Thoren, Ted's Mom, Diana Santangelo, Ted Nathan

Sina Danyal & Chris Skilling in Antalya - 1997

In 1990, Sina decided to establish his own company, Danytur Tourism & Travel, with his father Ayhan, brother Gökhan and friends Nur Ali Doğan and Sezai Eşfak Vardıoğlu from the university. Today, Danytur still operates as a family business from our main office to partners and friends throughout Turkey, and into the next generation.


Susanne Stolte & Sina Danyal at Travel Exhibition - 1992

Frans van de Streek & Sina Danyal - 1992

Mr. Markovic, Sina Danyal, Dragan Alexic

Sina works from the main office in Istanbul, along with his wife Figen and sons Arca and Onur, Sina's brother Gökhan, with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from Bilkent University, also helps manage the Istanbul office. Their father Ayhan Danyal, who gave invaluable support to Sina and the company at its foundation, still comes into the office and is happy to spend time with his sons and grandsons.


Sina Danyal, Sezai E. Vardıoğlu, Bruce Epstein, Ali Doğan

First meeting with Bruce Epstein and Kate Cooney - 1990

Sina Danyal & Bruce Epstein in Cappadocia

Ali is a professional tour guide himself and is responsible for scheduling the tour guides for our group tours and tailor-made private programs. Sezai is also a professional tour guide and responsible for our Aegean region gulet yacht operations.


Ian Scott and Danyal family

Jeffrey Roy, Brigitte Armand, Sezai E. Vardıoğlu, Colombe McCarthy

Vicky King and Sina Danyal

Over the years, we have had the privilege of meeting many valued travel professionals from all over the world. Today, Danytur's main business comes from our professional partners in North America. With our team of travel experts throughout Turkey, we are dedicated to providing the most authentic and unforgettable local experiences for our clients.

Svetlana Yakovleva, Marina Levchenko and Sina Danyal

Jen Boyd, Tamara Grivicic and Eric Kareus at Ephesus Site

Jarrod Hobson and Sina Danyal at 25th Anniversary Event